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Accounting for Business Decisions

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Subject Aim:

The complexity of modern business environments and a need for graduates to have advanced knowledge and skills to succeed and underpin the design of Accounting for Business Decisions. This subject integrates relevant theory and concepts with a range of professional attributes necessary to prepare, interpret and analyse accounting information to enable managers to make sound decisions and judgements in a range of business situations.

The aim of this subject is to address the importance of accurate and reliable accounting and financial information and equip you with the requisite knowledge and skills to prepare, analyse and interpret complex data to make a range of business decisions. The subject also focuses on how to produce a range of accounting and financial reports that comply with applicable laws and codes of practice. More importantly, you will also examine the theoretical basis upon which these reports are produced and the business and economic rationale as to why they are produced.

Learning Outcomes:

a) Demonstrate advanced technical skills, including information technology and accounting software, necessary to record and report financial information using accrual accounting principles.

b) Analyse and interpret financial statements to evaluate a company’s financial performance and position to make sound and informed business decisions.

c) Analyse and communicate the theoretical principles and methodological basis of financial and management accounting to a range of stakeholders.

d) Prepare and present key financial statements involving complex financial data that are consistent with the applicable framework and regulatory requirements in a contemporary business environment.

e) Critically analyse and evaluate various contemporary issues (e.g. accounting for intangible assets, global conversion of accounting standards, corporate social reporting, sustainability) and other issues relevant to contemporary accounting practice.

Student Assessment:

Please refer to the official Exam Timetable for further information. For detailed instructions see the Moodle site.
For detailed information, see the subject Moodle site.