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Multinational Corporations

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Subject Code:

Standard Course Code: MGT810

MBA Course Code: MGT810A

Subject Aim:

Multinational Corporations (MNCs) play a significant role in international business and in some cases given their impacts on national GDPs, also on geopolitics. While MNCs have variable impacts on different industries and markets, they have become increasingly important relative to the size of the global economy over the past 40 years. Effective managers understand that MNCs possess certain legal, economic, strategic, organisational, and socio-political features that set them apart from purely domestic companies. These international dimensions further complicate the managerial roles of strategy formulation and implementation, which are also made more challenging by the increasing speed and complexity of international business.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Critically analyse political, social, economic and environmental issues and their implications for MNCs operating in different world regions
  2. Communicate an in-depth understanding of the nature, development and impact of MNCs
  3. Incorporate ethical and sustainability issues in strategy development and decision-making relevant to MNCs
  4. Analyse and interpret the integrated and multi-disciplinary nature of business and community relationships in local and global contexts

Student Assessment: