Event Operations And Quality Management (PG)

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Subject Aim:

This subject aims to give you an understanding of the system of event operations, the combination of existing operations of the site or venue and the operational elements brought in for the event. The operations of the event are the support structure for the staging or production and must be of quality expected by the customers and the stakeholders.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand the various levels of operations and how they contribute to the audience experience.
  2. Apply the quality standards to the operations of an event.
  3. Develop an event site plan.
  4. Develop a comprehensive event operations and logistics manual for an event.
  5. Apply theory to operational and logistical elements of an event.
  6. Plan the set up and breakdown for an event’s onsite operations.

Student Assessment:

Exams will take place in weeks 15 & 16. Please refer to the official Exam Timetable for further information.

The Assessments in this subject will utilise a case study that will develop through the assessment levels.

Assessment One You will choose a large scale event of your choice. You will create an event operations and logistics operational manual for the event including the planning, execution and evaluation phases; analysis of operational requirements; legal requirements; suppliers needed and supply chain management, council requirements, sustainable components, crowd control measures and staffing requirements.

Create diagrams and site maps of operational system of specific event illustrating the inflow, setup and outflow of the elements of the physical operations, such as generators, kitchens, seating, stages.

You will be required to create a comprehensive Gantt Chart of the schedule from planning, execution and evaluation phases of the event. During the assessment phase, students will be given scenarios that will impact on the planning of your event. You will need to re-adjust your planning, budgets, requirements and event program based on these changes.

You will also need to identify and apply international standards that you could be guided by in the execution of your events.

Assessment Two You will need to choose from two of the following theories and apply these theories to your event.

  • Operations Management Theory
  • Theory of Autonomous Groups
  • Quality Service Theory or Models
  • Audience Motivation Theory

Assessment Three

You will create an evaluation plan for your event. What will be measured? How will it be measured? Create templates for evaluation

Develop a framework for knowledge transfer Final Presentation:15 Minutes each. You will present to your peers an overview of your event. Key elements of the operational and logistics components of the event. One theory you considered in the organising of your event and an overview of your evaluation model.