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Multinational Corporations

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Subject Code:

Standard Course Code: MGT810

MBA Course Code: MGT810A

Subject Aim:

Multinational corporations (MNCs) significantly impact national GDP, economic, political and social structures. This subject will discuss MNCs’ relationship with governments, civil society, and local communities. That discussion includes ethical and sustai nability considerations in strategy development and decision-making, global business growth strategies in both domestic and international contexts.

This subject will equip students with the decision-making skills and knowledge needed to analyse and evaluate the nature of MNCs in different domestic and international contexts. Students will learn to develop strategies for the sustenance of competitive advantage through managing operations with consideration for ethics, CSR, and environmental concerns.

Learning Outcomes:

a) Incorporate ethical and sustainability issues in an MNC’s strategy development and decision-making.

b) Propose MNC strategies to grow the business globally by considering domestic and international contexts.

c) Critically analyse MNC management, innovation, supply chain and legal issues in different world regions.

d) Evaluate the nature and development of MNCs and their impact on stakeholders.

Student Assessment: