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Professional Placement (MBA II)

This subject is available as a postgraduate-level MBA subject offered by the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS). Please click the button below to find a postgraduate course suitable for you.


Subject Code:


Subject Type:


Subject Level:


Credit Points:

8 credit points

Subject Rationale:

WIL8012A provides students with the opportunity to undertake an additional 300 hours of workplace learning. The aim being to enhance both student employability and their capacity to build on their work in WIL8011A in their chosen MBA specialisation (Digital Transformation, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Business Analytics). This subject requires that students consolidate the skills and knowledge they have acquired in practical, professional settings via the completion of a range of assessments which not only integrate theory and practice but facilitate self-reflection and critical analysis.

Specifically, students will critically reflect upon their own development and progress towards transitioning successfully into the workplace in a managerial or leadership role. They will analyse a particular incident in their professional setting or a major change affecting the industry in relation to their chosen field of specialisation and recommend evidence-based solutions discussed within the body of knowledge of the field.

Synthesising their placement experience into demonstrable employability skills, students will identify and reflect on future studies, their career path, goals and aspirations. Student placement is carefully chosen and facilitated by the Work-Integrated-Learning Unit to provide students the ability to deepen and apply their skills in their MBA specialisation area.

As with all WIL subjects at the ICMS, WIL8012A also allows students the opportunity to explore their professional interests, test their industry expectations, apply, practice and develop real world employability skills, and form professional networks for future career success. Students are supported by academic supervisors in small group and one-on-one meetings to guide them in their skills development and critical reflections relevant for the chosen field of specialisation.

Learning Outcomes:

a) Evaluate and argue employability skills in a professional setting of the chosen specialisation area.

b) Critique a workplace incident occurring in the professional setting by using relevant theoretical frameworks and models.

c) Argue how businesses can adapt to the dynamic of change and provide recommendations relevant for the area of specialisation.

d) Critically reflect on the significance of professional experience to lifelong learning in a managerial or leadership capacity.

Assessment Information:

Learning outcomes for this subject are assessed using a range of assessment tasks as described in the table below.