Sustainable Best Practice For Events (PG)

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Subject Aim:

Using ISO 20121 as the framework, this subject aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of sustainable best practice in events. You will develop skills to enable you to plan for, implement, maintain, evaluate and continuously improve sustainable policies and procedures for any event big or small.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand the benefits of sustainable best practice for events.
  2. Understand the core elements of a sustainable management system for events.
  3. Be able to create policies and procedures for incorporating sustainable best practice for an event.
  4. Identify and evaluate issues, impacts, risks and opportunities.
  5. Create a solid business case for stakeholders to ‘buy in’ to investing and supporting sustainable best practice.
  6. Apply the principles of ISO 20121 to an event.

Student Assessment:

Exams will take place in weeks 15 & 16. Please refer to the official Exam Timetable for further information.

Assessment One: Individual. Using Pinterest – you are to upload five (one a week) sustainable processes, practices or policies that you have discovered as part of your research. You can use three different event examples from around the world.

Using the comment section you are to highlight the relevance and whether your post describes a best practise or if there is room for improvement. You are also to reply to another peer’s post each week to add knowledge to their post or to ask a question of their post. At the end of the five weeks, you are to write a 1000 word report highlighting the top 3 posts you reviewed and why you believe they exhibit best practice in sustainable event management.

Assessment Two: Group Presentation Each group is to choose a major festival event and present its Sustainable Event Practices to the class. 12 minute oral presentations with multimedia or powerpoint to support the presentation.

Assessment Three: Individual Assessment You will be required to develop an event sustainability management system SMS) for a fictitious event company.You can choose whether the company delivers, conference, exhibitions, outdoor festivals or another event category.

You will create a manual that will include but not be limited to:

  • Company Mission and Vision Statement as it relates to sustainable best practice Create guiding principles for the company.
  • How will your SMS incorporate ISO 20121 Conduct a SWOT analysis identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to your SMS.
  • Set some clear goals and objects and determine Key Performance Indicators to measure the success or otherwise.
  • Create Policies specific for your SMS. Create Communication/Marketing Campaigns to profile your commitment to sustainable best practice.
  • Prepare and Issues identification and evaluation report Create a sustainability checklist for the company.
  • Establish some CONTROL documentation and procedures.
  • Create a Procurement Policy for Suppliers. Create templates and documentation procedures.
  • You will be required to complete a minimum 4000 word report and present your work to your peers in week 14.