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Blogging Your Way To Fame

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Subject Aim:

The power social media plays in many of our lives in undeniable. Many individuals and organisations have been able to successfully connect with their audience and followers, in order to build a strong and engaged client base. Behind every successful influencer lies an ability to create content that both connects with their audiences, but also is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) friendly.

This hands-on subject aims to support students in developing content development skills. By analysing the social media presence of key influencers, famous bloggers, media, industry opinion leaders, students will create a content strategy for their chosen social media platforms, which they will test and analyse throughout the semester.

Learning Outcomes:

  • a) Explain the importance content marketing plays in today’s marketing environment
  • b) Develop a multi-channel content and copywriting strategy to engage diverse stakeholders in the digital sphere
  • c) Create social media content taking into consideration a variety of target audiences
  • d) Evaluate the impact of content marketing strategies on social media goals
  • e) Recommend content marketing resources and technologies that support business/personal content marketing goals

Student Assessment: