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Commercial Valuation

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Subject type:



PRO110A Principles of Valuation


Course level of study pre-requisite: a total of 12 credit points including ACC101A, MKT101A, STA101A and MGT101A from level 100 core subjects (approximately 80% completion of level 100 core subjects) prior enrolling into level 200 core and specialisation subjects.

Subject level:


Credit points:

3 credit points

Subject Aim:

Commercial building owners, corporate managers and commercial property developers all rely on commercial valuation methodologies to derive capital values, market rentals, feasibilities, replacement values, performance indicators, and leasing trends. The valuation report can influence investors and other market operators and so, they need to be trusted. Unlike residential property, commercial property valuation is distinguished by additional factors, for example, parking, foot traffic for retail business or the profile of existing tenancies.

Students will build on their knowledge of valuation principles to understand and undertake more complex property and rental valuations for retail, commercial and industrial properties. Students further develop their skills using industry software for on-completion valuations.

Learning Outcomes:

a) Analyse market data, trends and performance indicators for the investment grade commercial property market.

b) Apply valuation mathematics and methodologies to investment grade commercial properties.

c) Identify valuation standards to assist in preparation of valuation reports.

d) Produce valuation reports to professional standards for investment grade commercial properties.

Student Assessment: