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Consumer Behaviour

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Subject Aim:

Success in the market place depends on a company’s ability to attract, satisfy and retain its customers. To grow, the business must reinvent itself in the eyes of the consumer, adapting quickly and flexibly to changing needs and circumstances.

Understanding what products and product attributes customers currently desire, and what they may desire due to emerging social trends, keeps businesses at the leading edge of consumer behaviour and product research. This subject will equip you with the skills to understand consumers as buyers and thus manage product portfolios efficiently.

The overall aim of the subject is to understand what influences consumer behaviour and psychology and apply that to the marketing process.

The topics examined range from the psychology of purchasing decisions to the resulting impacts on product or service development, equipping graduates with the skills necessary for future roles in marketing. You will understand how to apply current research to actual marketing issues.

Learning Outcomes:

a) Discuss the relevance of consumer behaviour and psychology to marketing.

b) Relate concepts of internal influences such as; motivation, perception and attitudes to decision making in the marketing environment.

c) Relate concepts of external and environmental influences to decision making in the marketing environment.

d) Discuss the changing nature of consumer behaviour across technology, sustainability and privacy.

Student Assessment: