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Corporate Real Estate Asset Management

This subject is available within certain ICMS undergraduate degrees. Please click the button below to find an undergraduate course for you.

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Subject Aim:

One of the growing sectors in the Australian property industry is Corporate Real Estate in which property is an operating asset, enabling a business or organisation to deliver on their business strategies.

Corporate property is routinely recognised as the second biggest cost to an organisation after staff. The Corporate Real Estate Asset Manager (CREAM) needs to be able to develop strategies and apply their skills in property and business to effectively and efficiently manage the property portfolio to support the enterprise and add value to the primary business activity. This management perspective is in contrast to the Property Manager in the property investment and development industries, where the key focus is to make investment or development returns.

Students will develop a comprehensive understanding of the challenging role of the Corporate Real Estate Asset Manager. Students will develop professional and analytical skills that support the achievement of organisational operating priorities and strategic objectives through effective knowledge of asset management with sustainable outcomes.

Learning Outcomes:

a) Construct Corporate Real Estate strategies that align with corporate goals.

b) Explain the principal components of corporate real estate and their impact on performance and productivity.

c) Evaluate how the optimal structure and human, capital and technological resources contribute to achieving the enterprise’s competitive advantage.

d) Critically analyse the impacts of corporate real estate decisions based on appropriate key performance indicators.

e) Apply risk management strategies to the organisation’s strategic planning processes to ensure maximum performance of the corporate real estate asset.

Student Assessment: