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Guerilla Marketing

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Subject Aim:

This subject examines how start-up companies identify, attract and retain customers by understanding their needs, and how start-up companies translate these needs into value offerings, and how ultimately start-up companies capture value back. It introduces core marketing concepts to bring a new product or service to market and build for its success.

The subject is aimed at both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs alike who have a passion for innovation. Subject themes include: identifying markets and opportunities, defining the offering and customer experience, creating demand, generating revenue, and measuring success. The team-based final focuses on developing a go-to-market strategy based on concepts from the course. Learn about managing self, building culture and teams, strategically think about your contribution as entrepreneur or intrapreneur to an organisation, community or society at large.

This subject provides a framework and a roadmap for successfully addressing the real-world marketing challenges involved in launching entrepreneurial ventures and supporting growth and innovation in established companies. It provides a foundation for marketers, entrepreneurs, investors, and managers to innovatively utilise the tools and techniques of entrepreneurial marketing for growing and creating a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Learning Outcomes:

a) Examine the foundations of lean marketing and how to best leverage limited marketing resources.

b) Analyse a start-up’s target audience and wants.

c) Outline various marketing strategies to develop customer relationships.

d) Demonstrate how market needs are translated into value offerings.

e) Apply key marketing theories, concepts and frameworks to the start-up business context.

Student Assessment:

(G)* = Group Assessment