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High Performance Leadership

This subject is available under ICMS undergraduate degrees, please click the button below to find an undergraduate course for you.

Subject Code:


Subject Aim:

Leaders are responsible for supporting the highest possible performance from their employees. The best leaders have the ability to develop and nurture great workplace environments where high performance is the norm.

This subject is designed to help students develop the intrapersonal and interpersonal skills to lead their teams in diverse social contexts. By forming a term-long mentoring relationship with a junior student, students will gain a greater understanding of their personality, values, emotions, perceptions and leadership strengths, and develop an appreciation of the diversity of these characteristics in others.

Learning Outcomes:

  • a) Examine own leadership skills, values and strengths to develop and evolve authentic leadership capabilities.  
  • b) Explain the importance of positive psychology in effective leadership
  • c) Evaluate the choice of different interpersonal tools and techniques to manage relationships effectively 
  • d) Create an action plan for leadership development 

Student Assessment:

(G)* = Group Assessment