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Hospitality Operations II

Subject Code:


Subject Aim:

This subject will provide students with the advanced knowledge and skills in hospitality operations building on the foundation gained in Hospitality Operations I (HOS100). The theoretical base underpins the practical learning experience and gives fusion to the subject matter. On completion of this subject students will have the practical and theoretical knowledge to be considered for industry training placement in the hospitality sector.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Work-ready by demonstrating the skills required in serving both alcoholic and soft beverages, understanding relevant legislative frameworks and how they are interpreted.
  • Analyse and compare beverages based upon their type, production method, region and flavour profile.
  • Demonstrate effective communication and digital literacy within a hospitality environment by understanding and applying; systems involved in managing food and beverage service including order taking, sales and the use of technology (POS).
  • Design a beverage and demonstrate suitability based on sensory perception,venue and clientele.
  • Apply knowledge and demonstrate effective food and beverage skills relative to food service management while working collaboratively within and across teams.

Student Assessment: