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Industry Training I

Subject Code:


Subject Aim:

This subject provides you with a general entry-level position within the area of their specialisation. During this time you may be employed on a casual, part-time, or full time basis. Through a genuine workplace experience (i.e. a real job) you set your classroom learning in context within the workplace and through that experience prepare yourself for your future careers. Through directed workplace learning you will increase your self-awareness, clarify your professional goals, gain an understanding of industry expectations and explore areas that can enhance your career journey in your specialisation including networking and résumé building. You will develop enhanced employment prospects and learn how to take full responsibility for your own learning.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding that academic learning is necessary for career success but that complementary practical understanding is also critical.
  2. Demonstrate proficiency in communication and practical generic workplace skills.
  3. Demonstrate and link these competencies with the overall course aim.
  4. Demonstrate an awareness of workplace culture and employer expectations.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to use the work experience to reflect on and develop insights from their industry training experience.

Student Assessment:

Exams will take place in weeks 12 & 13. Please refer to the official Exam Timetable for further information. ASSESSMENT DUE: Individual Assignment

  • Description: Major Report
  • Weighting: 100%
  • Instructions: To be submitted on Moodle by 5.00 p.m. Monday, Week 10. Full assignment description is available on Moodle.

Required Submission

  • Description: Employer Evaluation Report
  • Submission compulsory
  • Instructions: To be completed by your workplace supervisor and returned by the student via email to your consultant by week 12. Total hours must be included.

Required Submission

  • Description: Student Evaluation Report
  • Submission compulsory
  • nstructions: To be completed by the student and returned by the student via email to your consultant by week 12 together with the Employer Evaluation