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International Restaurant Concepts

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Subject Aim:

One of the first steps toward opening a new restaurant is defining the concept. Although this sounds easy, misalignment between the concept and the details of what you offer can lead to negative feedback from guests. For example, mismatches such as the style of menu not fitting the restaurant ambience commonly occur. This can lead to confusion and disappointment among guests.

The aim of this subject is to enable students to develop the knowledge and skills required to develop their own restaurant. A restaurant concept is the overall idea or theme that defines the restaurant. Concepts include your menu’s design, service style, dining room decor, the relationship between the markets and the concept, the criteria for locating a restaurant, the sequence of development from concept to opening and — of course — the style of food. This will include the development of the Business and Marketing Plans, leasing the premises and how to apply for a loan.

Learning Outcomes:

  • a) Explain the relationship between concept and markets
  • b) Evaluate the factors when choosing a restaurant’s location
  • c) Assess principles of design, layout and equipping of facilities
  • d) Predict a variety of risks within the Restaurant concept
  • e) Construct a Business Plan, including the likely demand for that particular concept

Student Assessment: