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Introduction to the Property Industry

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Subject type:


Credit points:

3 credit points



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Subject Aim:

The property industry is dynamic and diverse, employing more people than any other sector. A diverse industry also means there is a range of areas offering varied opportunities to suit different skills, personalities and career interests, with many areas being interrelated.

This foundation subject aims to provide students with a well rounded understanding of key terms and concepts, principles, practices and theory pertaining to areas including property development and investment, valuation and management allowing subsequent subjects to build upon these foundations. This subject also covers legislation requirements as well as legal concepts concerning property industry reporting standards.

Learning Outcomes:

a) Identify component parts of building structures and materials used in existing and new property developments.

b) Interpret simple technical drawings as applied to the property industry.

c) Describe the legal, physical and other parameters which concern the development and subsequent management of both income-producing and non-income-producing property assets in various market classes.

d) Explain the procedures and processes involved in negotiating and establishing property documentation such as Development Applications, Contracts For Sale and Leases.

e) Discuss the key facets of property facilities management.

f) Identify various sources of property finance.

Student Assessment: