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Introduction To Tourism, Hospitality And Events

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Subject Code:


Subject Aim:

Tourism, hospitality and events industries play an important role in the economies of developed and emerging countries. These industries generate substantial employment, personal and corporate income, tax revenues, foreign exchange earnings, investments, and infrastructure improvements for communities globally.

This subject aims to provide a solid introduction to the key concepts and terminology, stakeholders and relationship, innovation, current trends and management issues, as a foundation for future tourism, hospitality and event subjects.

It also focuses on the dynamic nature of the main operational sectors with an emphasis on potential career opportunities.

Learning Outcomes:

a) Describe the characteristics and relationship/interactions between tourism, hospitality and event industries.

b) Explain the key concepts of tourism, hospitality and event industries.

c) Discuss the impacts of tourism, hospitality and event industries.

d) Identify the emerging trends and issues affecting tourism, hospitality and event industries.

Student Assessment:

(G)* = Group Assessment