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Principles Of Valuation

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Credit points:

3 credit points

Subject Aim:

Property valuation is a particularly complex and varied domain that requires diverse and sophisticated skills, expertise and knowledge. In this subject, students will explore the concepts of valuation and the role of the property valuer in the marketplace.

Students will examine factors that influence market value and determine evidence to be gathered to enable the valuation of a property asset.

Students will be introduced to methods of valuation along with an overview of time value of money concepts in relation to property valuation.

Students will develop skills and knowledge and apply these in the preparation of a valuation report of a residential property in accordance with current industry standards.

This subject will provide students with a solid foundation for developing a broad understanding of property valuation for residential and income producing properties.

Learning Outcomes:

a) Describe the purpose and principles of valuation

b) Detail highest and best, economically viable use of land

c) Apply market research tools to gather market evidence to enable property valuation

d) Apply various methods of valuation available to determine the market value of a residential property asset

e) Prepare a property valuation report for residential income producing property in accordance with industry standards

Student Assessment: