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Professional Placement II

Subject Code:


Subject Aim:

This subject provides students with the opportunity to further gain professional experience to enhance their employability and to critically apply the theory and skills learnt while studying in a professional setting.

This second placement opportunity enables students to consolidate the skills and knowledge they have acquired in practical, professional settings to achieve the subject learning outcomes and complete assessments which integrate theory and practice and facilitate self-reflection and critical analysis.

Students will critically reflect upon their own development plan and progress, analyse an incident occurring in the professional setting and change affecting the broader industry, and recommend evidence-based solutions. Students will synthesise their placement experience into demonstrable employability skills and evaluate the experience and its relevance to their future studies and career.

This subject also allows students the opportunity to explore their professional interests; test their industry expectations; apply, practice and develop real world employability skills; and form professional networks for future career success.

Learning Outcomes:

a) Apply employability skills consistently in a variety of professional settings.

b) Analyse an incident occurring in the professional setting.

c) Assess how businesses adapt to change.

d) Rate the placement experience against the STAR model.

e) Evaluate the relevance of professional experience to lifelong learning.

Student Assessment: