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Professional Placement I

This Work Integrated Learning (WIL) subject is part of all ICMS undergraduate degrees, please click the button below to find an undergraduate course for you.

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Subject Aim:

In order to become successful in the workplace, it is essential that students apply knowledge and skills taught over the course of study.

This subject provides students with the opportunity to apply theory and skills gained during their course of study while gaining professional experience to enhance their employability and to apply the theory and skills learnt while studying in a professional setting.

On placement, students are engaged with an industry and community partner on a continuing basis throughout the study period, with the student partaking in and contributing to the company’s day to day activities and projects.

The placement provides the practical and professional setting in which the student can integrate theory and practice and facilitate self-reflection.

Students will reflect upon their role and its connection to larger goals and upon their industry expectations. Students will develop and work towards goals and monitor their progress. Students will explain the connections and differences between theory (the concepts and principles taught) and practice, as experienced on placement.

This subject also allows students the opportunity to explore their professional interests; test their industry expectations; apply, practice and develop real world employability skills; and form professional networks for future career success.

Learning Outcomes:

a) Discuss the professional setting, expectations and progress

b) Examine employability skills for professional development

c) Relate academic learning to professional experience

d) Apply employability skills consistently in a variety of professional settings

Student Assessment: