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Property Investment And Finance

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Subject Aim:

This subject provides students with the necessary property evaluation techniques and financing tools to analyse property as an investment class in Australia with the focus being on income producing property assets.

Students examine key terms, issues and finance techniques and develop skills required to evaluate various property investment options either singularly or as part of a portfolio and learn to build financial models to analyse investment and assist in decision making.

Students will further develop critical skills and knowledge that apply principles, concepts and strategies for financing, analysis, and raising capital for property investments and development.

Learning Outcomes:

a) Evaluate the investment characteristics of various classes of income producing property and risks for investors.

b) Apply relevant concepts of mathematics and finance to property investment analysis.

c) Critically examine investments risk, return and associated impact of gearing using spreadsheet application

d) Develop after tax and financial management techniques to maximise property investment performance.

e) Evaluate property investment and portfolio strategies.

f) Assess the structure of property financing and associated risks.