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Service And Experience Management

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Subject Aim:

“Work is theatre and every business a stage” (Pine & Gilmore 1999)

The provision of service has become increasingly important across a number of industries and many organisations are moving beyond the idea of providing a service to staging a total customer experience. Introducing this exciting concept of management in the service and experience economy where the student will be engaged in several theoretical concepts to enhance the learning experience.

The subject examines the development of the experience economy and the specialist skills required to manage commercial organisations within it. To create the desired impression, companies must provide cues that affirm the nature of the experience and think about what they would do differently if they were to charge admission.

Key areas addressed include: the experience economy, the characteristics of service, service development, service evaluation and service improvement.

Learning Outcomes:

a) Explain the role and characteristics of the experience economy.

b) Reflect on the realms of the experience economy whilst interacting with a brand.

c) Assess existing experiences in the service industry.

d) Design a unique experience.

Student Assessment: