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Sports Management Fundamentals

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Subject Aim:

Sport Management Fundamentals enables you to recognise key aspects of the business of sport and to how it differentiates itself from other industries. The subject looks at internal aspects of sporting organisations such as strategic sport management, marketing, human resource and financial management and future sport management challenges.

Sport Management Fundamentals also looks at external factors such as professional sport, digital media, not for profit and organisational structures, governance and the role of the state, including the influence of politics in the business of sport. All topics draw on Australian and international case studies, with contemporary examples utilised to help support theory.

Furnishing you with a solid understanding of the global sport marketplace, the subject provides insights into those areas of sport management vital for a successful career in this most exciting of industries.

Learning Outcomes:

a) Summarise the different sectors that comprise the contemporary sports business industry and their roles.

b) Examine the basic administrative and operational principles and practices within the contemporary sports industry.

c) Explain the organisational, administrative and ethical roles and responsibilities of contemporary sports administrators.

d) Discuss the core and supporting business functions of sport management in the global marketplace.

Student Assessment: