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Statutory and Specialist Valuation

This subject is available within certain ICMS undergraduate degrees. Please click the button below to find an undergraduate course for you.

Subject Code:


Subject Aim:

This subject builds on knowledge gained from the previous valuation subjects and examines the methodologies within a framework of legal precedents and Statutory Law involved in the valuation of special use land and properties.

Students will develop knowledge on the valuation of land for land tax and local government rating purchases, specialised properties with emphasis on going concerns, and land with development potential, along with appearing or contributing as expert witness in property cases.

This subject equips students with the skills to assess and present reports relating to urban properties. It provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the techniques utilised in the process of determining asset worth, the legal context to preparing, presenting and defending a valuation of a legal interest in land and property in a court of law.

Learning Outcomes:

a) Evaluate the valuation of various specialist uses of operating real estate and business/goodwill.

b) Assess the valuation of land and specialised properties for rating and taxing purposes.

c) Critically analyse specialist valuation reports to identify any errors and omissions.

d) Explain the processes involved in land acquired for public purposes.

e) Examine the challenges faced by individuals acting as professional in a property valuation role, including the role of expert witness.

f) Evaluate how various government statutes and policies impact on the value of various property interests

Student Assessment: