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Cross Cultural Management

Subject Code:


Subject Aim:

This subject incorporates cross-cultural management case studies. It introduces major issues encountered in cross-cultural interactions, reviews the relevant literature and applies the acquired knowledge to specific business situations. It also helps gain a real, practical and usable understanding of the economic, social and business context of Asian economies.

The aims of the subject is to develop your understanding of cross-cultural diversity; to acquire high cross-cultural competence; to develop problem-solving skills and ability to successfully manage conflict situations; to learn how to work effectively with a diverse range of people in an environment, which continues to present new challenges.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Sketch the multicultural “big picture”, in which global companies operate
  • Analyse new information on economic issues related to Asian countries
  • Summarise the major culture-based challenges (political, legal, economic and technological) faced by international managers
  • Present a range of arguments concerning the need for social responsibility and ethical behaviour in multi-national enterprises
  • Identify major cultural characteristics, including communication styles, that characterise regions, nations, communities, organisations, groups and individuals

Student Assessment:

Exams will take place in weeks 12 & 13. Please refer to the official Exam Timetable for further information.

Description: Individual Assignment

Weighting: 35.00% Instructions: To facilitate cross-cultural management understanding, students will undertake research and write a Company/Country Report. Description: Group Presentation

Weighting: 20.00%

Instructions: Analysis of a given case study and recommendations.