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Employment Law

Subject Code:


Subject Aim:

To provide a good working knowledge of employment law and effective management of employment issues in a contemporary employment environment. The aim of the subject is to equip students with a good working knowledge of the history, theory and practice that govern labour relations both at a State and Federal level.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Evaluate the Australian employment law system and discuss the interrelationship of Federal and Territory law regulating employment
  • Analyse the common law contract of employment and assess its significance in the employment relationship
  • Examine and apply the principles of contract law and employment law to a contract for employment
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of employment law issues through the application of legal principles to case studies
  • Evaluate the means of terminating an employment relationship and remedies for breach of wrongful termination 6 Identify and analyse current issues involving employment law in the workplace

Student Assessment:

Exams will take place in weeks 12 & 13. Please refer to the official Exam Timetable for further information.