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Event Operations and Logistics

Subject Code:


Subject Aim:

The aim of this subject is to provide you with the skills and experience necessary to undertake planning and management of event operations and logistics. Incorporated in this aim, is the importance of understanding event management principles and logistics of Project, Site, Labour, Financial, Risk, Transport and Time management, required to control and budget all aspects of event logistics.

The Events Air cloud component provides a solid introduction to Events Air, a fully integrated event project software program. Tutorials involve simulated entries, based on the organisation of meetings, conferences and exhibitions, using Events Air Online. This subject will examine how these computer programmes can assist in tracking all the issues associated with event planning and implementation.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate a solid understanding of Event “Logistic and Staging” Terms & Definitions used by Event Managers
  2. Identify the project management operational components of planning and staging an event
  3. Create effective control documents and templates to be used for planning and staging an event
  4. Identify the risks associated with staging an event, with different event briefs and venue considerations and complete a Risk Assessment
  5. Demonstate how to create and manage information for staging an Event using Events Air cloud software programme
  6. Demonstrate competency in using Events Air system to generate and print reports and control documents for staging an event

Student Assessment: