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Queenstown Resort College – QRC

The International College of Management (ICMS) is excited to offer Queenstown Resort College (QRC) students an exclusive pathway to obtain their bachelor’s degree in just two trimesters of study. For Students finishing their Diploma at QRC, they’ll only need to complete 7 more months at ICMS to achieve a bachelor’s degree.

QRC students graduating with a Diploma in Hospitality Management, or a Diploma of Adventure Tourism can transition into the ICMS bachelor’s degree programs listed below:

*Contact us for details about the specific subjects that may be exempt from your degree and those that are required to be completed at ICMS.

How to apply

Step 1 Enquire

Start by inquiring with QRC about the possibility of transferring to an ICMS program and research your preferred course.

Step 2 Apply

Apply for your ICMS program and submit your academic transcripts and relevant documents as required.

Apply Now

Step 3 Send QRC Transcript

Send us your final QRC transcript for Admissions to assess according to the criteria set out in the pathways agreement

Step 4 Offer

Receive your offer from Admissions via email

Step 5 Accept

Accept your offer via email

Step 6 Pay and Enrol

Once you have organised tuition payment we can enrol you into class


Important Links

Please contact us for any questions regarding QRC student tuition


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