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HAP Terms and Conditions

High Academic Place (HAP) Terms and Conditions

  1. Overview

The High Academic Place (HAP) is a tuition fee subsidy for high performing domestic students with recent secondary education to undertake an undergraduate course of study at the Institution. The number of places awarded varies each study period as determined by the Institution.

  1. Eligibility

HAPs are awarded to domestic students with recent secondary education with a strong performance in the NSW Higher School Certificate Examination (or equivalent) who:

  1. are Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia;
  2. apply for an undergraduate course of study through the University Admissions Centre (UAC) in the year they undertake the NSW ATAR (or equivalent) or apply for an undergraduate course of study direct to the Institution; 
  3. achieve the minimum ATAR set by the Institution at the time of offer of the HAP, noting that the ATAR varies each year depending on the number of HAPs available (i.e. normally set between 70-80 ATAR);
  4. are not in receipt of a scholarship from the Institution.
  1. Selection criteria

The following criteria is applicable to all students:

  1. No application is required. HAP recipients are automatically selected based on ATAR results (or equivalent). 
  2. A HAP is normally awarded on the basis of:
      1. academic merit, and
      2. interview (applicants will be notified of interview requirements)
  3. HAPs are awarded by the Vice President (Domestic and International Recruitment) based on the number of HAP places that have been approved by the CEO).
  4. HAP offers are applicable to enrolment in specified study periods only and cannot be deferred to a subsequent study period under any circumstances.
  1. Value and benefits
  1. A HAP is valued at approximately one third of the cost of each subject (e.g. in February 2024, HAP students receive a tuition fee subsidy of approximately 38% per subject). The exact subsidy percentage may vary each year and is determined by the Institution. 
  2. A HAP is tenable for the duration of the undergraduate degree subject to maintaining satisfactory academic progress.*
  3. A HAP is awarded in the form of reduced tuition fees only and is not redeemable for cash.
  4. A HAP is transferrable to another undergraduate course of study at the Institution upon approval. Applications to transfer must be submitted to the Student Centre and subject to approval by the Group Finance Manager. 

* fee subsidy percentage is subject to review each year

  1. Ongoing eligibility
  1. HAP recipients are required to maintain satisfactory performance with a minimum GPA of 2.0 for the duration of their course of study.
  2. HAP recipients are encouraged to maintain full-time enrolment during the tenure of their HAP.
  3. A student may apply to suspend their HAP under extenuating circumstances e.g. approved leave of absence. Approval for suspension is on a case-by-case basis upon application to the Student Centre for approval by the Group Finance Manager.
  1. Termination

a. A HAP will be terminated by the Institution if the recipient:

i. withdraws from an eligible course or fails to enrol;

ii. commences study at another institution of higher education prior to accepting the HAP;

iii does not maintain satisfactory academic performance as per 5(a);

iv. is determined by the Institution to have breached the Student Code of Conduct and/or be guilty of general or academic misconduct;

v. does not resume study at the end of a period of approved leave, or

vi. any other provision as indicated in these terms that would lead to termination.

b. If a HAP has been terminated in accordance with clauses 6a(i) and 6a(ii), it may be reinstated at the discretion of the Institution. If a HAP has been terminated in accordance with clauses 6a(iii) to 6a(vi), it will not be reinstated unless due to an error on the Institution’s part.