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Appeals & Complaints

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ICMS always strives to make your learning environment and experience enjoyable and successful. However, sometimes life in a new place can throw up challenges that are difficult to manage on your own. You might encounter a problem with your academic studies, your fellow students or a staff member, your accommodation, administration or even with one of our rules or processes.

If you do come across any difficulty, please contact the Student Experience team, the Student Services Centre or a staff member in the Student Success Centre. Try to sort things out early, before the problem gets bigger. In most cases, problems can be resolved through informal enquiries and discussions.

If an informal approach does not resolve the problem, you can get advice on how to lodge a formal complaint from staff in the Student Services Centre or the staff in the Student Success Centre.

Complaint resolution Formal complaints must be lodged in accordance with the Complaints and Appeals Policy  & Complaints and Appeals Procedures.

If you do raise an issue, please let us know as soon as possible and no later than 20 working days. However, this deadline can be extended by the Institution in extenuating circumstances.

Complaints must be lodged using the online form.

Your issue will be treated fairly and we will:

• Treat your matter confidentially.

• Endeavour to resolve the complaint as quickly as possible.

• Not discuss your problem with anyone who does not need to know about it.

• Not treat you any differently because you have lodged a complaint.

• Expect you to follow any directions or provide any necessary documentation to help you resolve the issue.

• Provide a written response in regard to actions taken and the outcome in a timely manner.