EQUITY- Aspiring Education Foundation – Undergraduate New Domestic Students

About this scholarship

At ICMS we have an integrated college community of international and Australian students. We embrace all cultures and benefit from the breadth and diversity this brings. It’s a key value of ICMS to enable students from all backgrounds to have an opportunity to study at tertiary level. The Aspiring Education Foundation (AEF) allows ICMS to help financially disadvantaged Australian students, by providing equity scholarships for both tuition and accommodation.

There will be a minimum of three equity scholarships available of up to a value of $40,000*. These Equity Scholarships provide tuition fee waivers to a level decided by the AEF Committee in each case. The AEF Committee is also able to consider accommodation scholarships for the eligible applicants to a value of up to $15,000* each per annum for the duration of the students’ course/degree.

The AEF Committee will manage the selection and allocation of funds. Tuition and/or accommodation funds are disbursed directly to ICMS on behalf of the recipient of the Equity Scholarship.

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Aspiring Education Foundation (AEF) – New Domestic Students

UP TO $40 000.00

Friday, 22 January , 2021

To ensure you meet the eligibility criteria, download the application kit below. Complete your application and prepare your report supporting your application and other documentation if required. Submit your application to: AEF Scholarships, 151 Darley Road, Manly NSW 2095 by 5pm on Friday 22 January 2021*.
* Close date may be subject to change for this scholarship only.