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Hospitality Management Project

Subject Code:


Subject Aim:

This subject requires students to work on and bring to successful completion an individual project, ideally in collaboration with an appropriate organisation or industry body. The aim is to provide students with an opportunity to develop and implement the prototype of a solution to a problem within a ‘real-life’ setting, to realise actual project deliverables and to draw lessons and practical implications from this exercise. These aims will be achieved through:

  • On-line discussions, outlining the salient features of the proposed solution and including main tasks, activities, deliverables and deadlines and their financial aspects should there be any (in continuation with what was done for RES300)
  • The construction and delivery of a prototype or a mock-up solution where this is possible, or of a detailed feasibility study where it is not
  • An analysis of the results achieved and of the lessons learnt (more details on how this is done below)
  • Oral and written presentations about all the above.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Apply business skills and knowledge in practical, results driven, non-academic experiences
  • Generate integrated practical experience and theoretical insight
  • Analyse and review individual and organisational learning.
  • Analyse and value the important role applied projects play in the workplace.
  • Evaluate of the ethical issues in initiating and undertaking an applied project.


Exams will take place in weeks 12 & 13.

Please refer to the official Exam Timetable for further information.

Assessment 1- 15%

Assessment Title-Project Outline & Student Feedback

Word count 500 Project Outline 250 Student Feedback

Assessment instructions:

Project Outline:

1. Fill in Word document template Word count is approx. 500 words.

2. Post on Moodle.

Assessment 2- 15%

Assessment Title-Mid-Term status, Project Outline & Student Feedback

Word count 500 Project Outline 250 Student Feedback

Assessment instructions: Project Outline:

1. Fill in Word document template Word count is approx. 500 words.

2. Post on Moodle

Assessment 3- 20%

Assessment Title-Oral Presentation

Assessment instructions: PowerPoint Slide Show:

1. Student can choose whatever template, font etc. they want.

2. No limit on words or slide numbers or visuals etc, however the time limit is strictly 12 mins.

3. Structure must be following:

a) Identified Problem

b) Proposed Solution

c) Implementation in real life or feasibility plan

d) Main problems & how overcome.

Assessment 4-Final Report 50%

Assessment Title Final Report-Assessment type (group or individual) Individual Weighting % 50% Word count 4,000 words to ICMS Style Guide specifications

Report Contents: 1. Title Page 2. ICMS Cover Page 3. Table of Contents 4. Introduction 5. Identified Problem – brief outline with justification, supported by research 6. Proposed Solution – full outline 7. Implementation – explain simulation/feasibility study undertaken. Explain step-by-step process of putting your solution into practice. 8. Review Process – self-reflection of your implementation – problems encountered, unexpected results, effectiveness, fine-tuning required for next time. 9. Theoretical Concepts – from previous subjects at ICMS that connect with your project, each concept must be referenced. 10. Ethical Issues – How did ethics come into play during your project process? Explain any ethical dilemmas you faced or could potentially face in real life with this solution. 11. Lessons Learnt – your personal thoughts about what you learnt about yourself during the project process – can write in 1st person here. 12. Limitations of Work & How to Overcome 13. Conclusion 14. Reference List 15. Appendices

Assessment instructions:

1. Compile your report to above contents.

2. Report must be in MS Word or equivalent, with 12-point font, double line spacing. You do not need to print, download digital copy onto Turnitin by above deadline.

3. Visuals etc. are encouraged to bring your report to life.

4. Reminder that any detected plagiarism will result in an automatic Fail grade.

Readings for the assessment Will be up to student to determine which references are applicable to the report.

All references must be genuinely researched and entered according to ICMS Style Guide specifications.

Please refer to the document ‘Assignment Description and Marking Criteria’ available on Moodle for complete instructions with regard to your assignments for this subject.