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1 in 3 ICMS graduates secure a job at their WIL placement company*

1 in 3 ICMS graduates secure a job at their WIL placement company*

April 4, 2023

Over a third of graduates who leave ICMS with a degree and a job can trace their employment to the ICMS Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program, according to a recent Internal Graduate Survey 2023*.

The internal survey was undertaken at the higher education institute’s March 2023 Graduation Ceremony held at the ICMS Northern Beaches campus, and was completed by 62 respondents of the graduating cohort.

The survey revealed:

100% of ICMS graduates (who are engaged in or available for work) have a job.*

38% of graduates have a job at the same company as their WIL placement*

How ICMS WIL can lead to full-time work

The ICMS WIL Program places students in tailored internships according to individual career goals and specialisations.

With ICMS enjoying a strong relationship with over 1000 industry partners, the statistics showing that over a third of students who intern at an industry partner find work at the company after graduation underlines the mutually beneficial relationship enjoyed by ICMS, industry partners and students who become employed graduates.

WIL is the professional placement or internship, component of each ICMS degree where students gain up to 600 hours of real world work experience as part of their degree.

ICMS helps equip students for the professional world with a forward-thinking, hands-on approach. Through WIL, ICMS degree and Masters programs undertake two trimesters of valuable workplace experience designed to enhance learning while building industry networks.

The dedicated WIL team works collaboratively with each student to arrange placements locally, interstate or even internationally – arming them with essential skills necessary in today’s competitive job market.

Survey reveals what graduates appreciate about ICMS

Respondents were asked to list ICMS’ main strengths, in their opinion, and these ranged from

  • Good quality education with a personalised student experience
  • Community and support
  • Student support and services
  • Student experience and placements
  • Beautiful campus and location
  • Industry partners and connections
  • Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) opportunity
  • Interactive learning and engagement
  • Small class sizes and involved lecturers
  • Flexibility of timetable
  • Diversity of the student community
  • Professionalism

The March Internal Graduate Survey was anonymous to ensure honest replies, but one comment – from a graduate in full-time employment, summed up the sentiment of the survey with declaring ICMS as his “dream school”.

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*Graduates who are engaged in or available for work (In the Labour force). Internal March Graduate Survey 2023. Please note that the employment statistics provided in this article are based on a survey of graduates who are in the labour force and have completed the survey. This excludes individuals who are not in the labour force, including those who are unable to work, as well as those who choose not to work.


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