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Hospitality Management in Australia

Hospitality Management in Australia

November 18, 2022

There’s probably never been a better time to jumpstart your career in hospitality management in Australia than right now.

Owing to the global Covid-19 pandemic restrictions and border closures of recent years, the Australian hospitality industry needs workers of all skill levels if the industry has any hope of making the most of the upcoming festive season.

It will be the first season in a few years where crowds will again flock to hotspots and beaches, willing to spend for good food and a place to stay.

Why the huge need for hospitality management workers? 

Australia rebounds this festive season with events such as the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, the Woodford Folk Festival in Queensland, New Year’s Celebrations across the country and the Star Gold Coast Magic Millions taking place in Gold Coast in January.

Hospitality management includes hotel and resort management, and hotels such as Novotel Sydney Darling Harbour, The Grace Hotel in Sydney and Sydney Central YHA were placed first, second and fourth in’s list of Most Booked Hotels in Australia.

Having been unable to travel over the period of the pandemic, it is expected that holidaymakers will journey around the country to visit friends and family.

What makes working in hospitality in Australia so attractive? 

“Australia is a prosperous and constantly evolving country, providing uncapped opportunities for growth and development throughout your hospitality career. Reaching your career goals within hospitality is more achievable in Australia than anywhere else in the world,” Liam Robson of the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS), said.

Australia has one of  the world’s highest working minimum wage of $21.38 per hour, high job security, valuable employee benefits, and 200,000 hospitality job vacancies currently across the country due to the fading shadow of Covid-19.

Management level workers in hot demand

However, it’s not just the minimum wage workers in demand. So too are skilled hoteliers or restauranteurs at management level – and this is where degreed hospitality management workers can find career opportunities.

According to hospitality industry site, while there are currently upwards of 2500 job vacancies for bartenders, baristas, waiters, and cooks, there are also over 1000 manager level positions available in Sydney alone.

In addition, 600 managers are needed in Melbourne and a further 400 in Brisbane.

“For those seeking a higher paying career within the hospitality industry, a managerial role is the way to go,” Robson said.

“The average salary for a hotel General Manager within Australia is $123,000 pa, and have the potential to earn over $180,000 at the top end Hotels. However, it can take general managers more than 30 years to work their way up from the bottom.

“So how can you kickstart your career and move into a managerial level position faster than anywhere else in the world? With an elevated and career-focused education, hands-on practical experience and the honing of your industry relevant soft skills.”

It makes sense mixing business with hospitality 

“The ICMS Bachelor of Hospitality Management degree, with a career-focused blend of business and hospitality, theoretical and practical elements, enhances qualities which employers and recruiters across the world seek in the highest level of candidates,” Robson said.

“Add to this a built in industry training component of a minimum 600 hours (Work Integrated Learning), ICMS graduates can sleep easy at night knowing that they and their peers have a 90% probability of securing a job in their chosen field by the time they graduate.”

ICMS is located in Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW, and in the city of Sydney, meaning that Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placements as part of an ICMS Bachelor of Hospitality Management take place in a city bustling with top hotels and restaurants.

Hospitality Management Career Opportunities

A career in hospitality can literally take you anywhere in the world as you deliver experiences to people beyond their wildest dreams and exceed their expectations every day.

Your future career opportunities include these options, among others:

Hotel Manager

Food and Beverage Director

Accommodation Manager

Hotel Sales and Marketing

Guest Relations Manager

Banquet Manager

Resort and Spa Manager

Airline Operations Manager

Restaurant Manager

Bar/Cocktail Manager


Catering Manager

A degree is your way to the top

Watch ICMS Bachelor of Hospitality Management Program Manager Glenn Murray explain why this degree with give you the right mix of business and hospitality to help you reach your hospitality career goals.

For more information on the ICMS Bachelor of Hospitality Management, click here.



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