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An ICMS Love Story: How We Met and Fell in Love

An ICMS Love Story: How We Met and Fell in Love

April 28, 2023

A pair of ICMS postgraduate students graduated with more than just their degrees; they graduated with the promise of a lifetime partnership in love and life.

ICMS Master of Management alumnus Kamal Thapa and ICMS Master of International Business alumna Rajeshree Jadhav recently celebrated their union with weddings in both Nepal and India, their home countries respectively, before settling down to make a life and forge their professional careers in Australia.

Rajeshree is an Applications Analyst at KPMG Australia and Kamal is an Account development executive at Alation, based in Melbourne. They both became Australian permanent residents in November 2022.

How it all started… In Rajeshree’s words

“Kamal started at ICMS in February 2018 and I started in September 2018. We graduated at the same ceremony because of Covid delays in Kamal’s official ceremony.

“We met on campus through mutual friends. We didn’t go to same class but we met often at the social events and outside when we hung out in groups.

“We eventually grew to become very close friends. Kamal lived on campus and I was very good friends with Milly Gupta who lived on campus too, so the three of us spent a lot of time together.”

Shared values and vision becomes a shared life

“We learnt that we shared similar goals and values. We were both very ambitious and also very close to our families.

“After a year of being best friends we fell in love and decided to get married after Covid. We went home to tell our parents in India and Nepal and had a huge ceremony in both countries.

“Here we are now, planning to settle in Australia.”

Campus romance encouraged by fellow students

“There were a few people who played a huge part in bringing us together.

“Manish Desai was one of the first people to introduce us over a group dinner. Saif Nizam encouraged us to host events on campus together which gave us many opportunities to meet. Shikha Sachdeva played Kamal’s wingman to convince us to date. And, of course, Milly who helped us become better friends over time.

“ICMS did bring all the forces together to make this happen and I can’t be grateful enough.”

Message from ICMS

“What a wonderful story of intertwined lives this is and we are thrilled that Kamal and Rajeshree found love here in Australia,” ICMS Professional Scholarships chair Ann Whitelock said.

Rajeshree was the recipient of two consecutive ICMS Postgraduate Innovation Scholarships while studying her Master of International Business.

“Congratulations, and may your love continue to flourish and grow stronger with each passing day. Here’s to a fantastic future together!”

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