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Runway Ready: Industry Immersion for ICMS students at Australian Fashion Week

Runway Ready: Industry Immersion for ICMS students at Australian Fashion Week

June 6, 2024

ICMS fashion students enjoyed the glitz and creativity of Australian Fashion Week (AFW) recently, with one student having the unique experience of working at AFW, gaining firsthand industry insights and valuable hands-on experience amidst the fashion extravaganza.

AFW stands as the largest and most influential fashion event in the Asia-Pacific region, serving as Australia’s premier global fashion platform.

Taking place every May in Sydney on an annual basis, AFW offered attendees a mix of fashion, art, and culture experiences.

This included famous designer runway shows, unique activations like the Glenfiddich Valley of the Deer Disco & Bar, and beauty masterclasses by Shark Beauty and Creed.

The event also featured panel discussions and exclusive experiences like the Wynns Wine Bar, giving insight into the fashion industry.

With brands like Porsche and Lancôme present, AFW was a sophisticated event for fashion lovers looking for inspiration.

What did the ICMS fashion students think of AFW?

Bachelor of Business (Fashion and Global Brand Management) student Cara Botha not only attended AFW but also had the chance to work behind the scenes.

“What stood out for me at Australian Fashion Week is seeing an idea come to life on the runway,” Cara said.

“From dressing the models and getting a bit of an insight into the industry, it’s really gotten me excited to work in this industry in the future.”

Courtney Alderdice, another ICMS Bachelor of Business (Fashion and Global Brand Management) student, shared her excitement about the opportunities her course offers, such as attending AFW.

“What an amazing experience at Australian Fashion Week through ICMS – a real pinch me moment being surrounded by likeminded creatives and fashion leaders,” Courtney said.

“I love my course because it provides us with opportunities like this, coming to Fashion Week, working with all of our industry partners.

“Fashion means pushing the boundaries. And when you come to events like this, you really see how different people do that, and it gets you to kind of stop and go, ‘Wow’.”

AFW opportunity not just for Fashion students

The perks of going to AFW wasn’t just for fashion students.

“Attending this year’s Australian Fashion Week was an incredible experience for me. As someone who had never been to Fashion Week before, getting a glimpse behind the scenes left me in awe,” ICMS Master of International Business student Carolin Jeffraim said.

She particularly enjoyed attending the ‘Women With Drive’ panel discussion during the event.

“I had the privilege of attending the ‘Women With Drive’ panel talk, where Karlie Ungar and Alex Schuman shared their experiences and vision for the future of Carla Zampatti.

“Their dedication to honoring the label’s legacy while pushing boundaries in the industry was both admirable and inspiring.”

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Attending AFW: A Gateway to Industry Insights

ICMS offering selected fashion students the chance to go to Australian Fashion Week demonstrates the college’s commitment to an industry-focused education.

By exposing students to top events like AFW, ICMS doesn’t just boost their classroom learning but also gives them real skills, industry know-how, and chances to network, all important for their future fashion careers.

This hands-on approach to education allows students to bridge the gap between theory and practice, gaining firsthand insights into the operations of a major fashion event like AFW.

The chance to witness fashion trends unfold on the runway, engage with industry professionals, and participate in behind-the-scenes activities elevates the learning experience beyond the classroom, empowering students to apply their skills in a real-world setting.

To find out more about the ICMS Bachelor of Business (Fashion and Global Brand Management), click here.


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