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Creative Student Impresses with her HSC Fashion Magazine

Creative Student Impresses with her HSC Fashion Magazine

March 27, 2019

Seeking a corporate career within the exciting world of fashion prompted International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) student Matilda Mason to sign up for the career-focused higher education institution’s Bachelor of Business Management (Fashion and Global Brand Management) degree.

Mason, an alumna of Mosman High School on the Lower North Shore, won an ICMS Professional Scholarship after impressing the panel with her commitment and dedication at her Early Entry interview.

Her HSC major project, a fashion magazine for the blind, also impressed as it showcased her creative flair and passion while addressing a business need – that of creating fashion material for the visually impaired.

“For my major work, I wanted to do something fashion-related, was multi-media and something that filled a gap in the market. I contacted a blind woman in America who helped me to transfer my stories and text into braille. I then added texture and bound it all up in a magazine format,” Mason said.

Mason is one of the first students to enrol in the BBM (Fashion and Global Brand Management) degree. It is a new course offered alongside established degrees offered by the award-winning education provider located in Northern Beaches, NSW, Sydney.

The BBM (Fashion and Global Brand Management) degree is aimed at students who want to succeed in the business end of the multi-million dollar fashion and brand management industry.

“I wanted to study something within the fashion industry with core business subjects. This would give me the chance to work in a broad range of companies within my preferred industry. The degree will enable me to be a flexible employee within the fashion world with a broad range of roles open to me.”

Like every degree offered at ICMS, which boasts a 90% graduate employment rate, Mason’s BBM (Fashion and Global Brand Management) degree has a built-in nine months or 1200 hours industry training component that will give her real exposure to the working world of fashion.

“When I do my industry training next year I am looking forward to working hard and getting a behind-the-scenes look at business. I am looking forward to making connections with key people who might guide me in my career,” Mason said.

It’s only her first year of a three year degree, but Mason has already fallen in love with the supportive ICMS community.

“What I love about ICMS is that everyone is so friendly and willing to help; it’s such a supportive community… I have also made a good group of friends which I’m told just doesn’t happen at other higher education institutions. Another thing which I value is the high standard set for students – the business attire makes us feel professional and you feel you should ‘step up!'”

Mason indeed plans to ‘step up’ even more than she already has, and has high ambitions for her future within the business side of the fashion industry.

“In the future, I would love to work in a senior marketing role for a fashion or branding company. I am enjoying studying marketing and think that’s the direction I’d like to head in – within the fashion world.”

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