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Dior Director Named Ambassador For New BBM (Fashion And Global Brand Management)

Dior Director Named Ambassador For New BBM (Fashion And Global Brand Management)

September 5, 2019

High fashion, glamour and growing the luxury retail market is all in a day’s work for House of Dior Boutique Director Christopher Watney who oversees one of the largest Dior Boutiques in the world.

Watney, based at the House of Dior, New Bond Street, in London, UK, has been named the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) Fashion Ambassador for the college’s Bachelor of Business Management (Fashion and Global Brand Management) degree.

“What an absolute pleasure to have Chris take on the role of Ambassador for our exciting BBM (Fashion and Global Brand Management) degree,” ICMS CEO and President Professor Dominic Szambowski said.

“He is at the very top of the fashion world, with so much insight into this industry that he has so graciously offered to our students. We look forward to a long association with Chris as he shares the nuts and bolts as well as the glitz and the glamour of what it means to work in luxury retail in particular, and the fashion industry in general.”

With 20 years in the industry, Watney is at the top of his game, managing a team of over 100 people based in the boutique.

The House of Dior encompasses four floors and all universes (product categories) under one roof, from Women’s Ready to Wear to Dior Mens, BabyDior, Maison Dior (Homeware), Leathergoods and Accessories, Fine Jewellery, Timepieces and Perfume Christian Dior.

Watney has been House of Dior Boutique Director for the past three years, following a rapid climb up the industry ladder from retail to luxury retail. At one point, he was the youngest store manager in the history of the House of Fraser company, managing the London House of Fraser store in Richmond.

Also on Watney’s impressive resume are stints at Harrods and Ralph Lauren, and it is at House of Dior that he is making his mark again.

“I joined Dior three years ago and have enjoyed every single minute of my time with the brand. I absolutely adore the brand, its heritage and modernity, I feel complete empowerment to run my business the way I see fit and have received two promotions in my short time with them,” Watney said. 

“It is this enthusiasm and ambition that we admire so much here at ICMS, and we know that these qualities are contagious. Chris’ journey in fashion and passion for the industry is something that we hope our students can be inspired by and aspire to,” Szambowski said.

Watney is impressed by the ICMS BBM (Fashion and Global Brand Management) offered by ICMS, located at Northern Beaches, NSW, Sydney.

“It’s wonderful to see Fashion and Global Brand Management getting the recognition of a degree,” he said. “What I like about this particular degree is that it blends business and high-end fashion into one degree; the perfect degree for the future industry leaders to undertake.”

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