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Experiential Learning Expert Dr. Joanna Crossman Joins ICMS Faculty

Experiential Learning Expert Dr. Joanna Crossman Joins ICMS Faculty

April 30, 2018

After researching experiential learning for over a decade, Associate Professor Joanna Crossman comes to ICMS to implement proven strategies for improving student outcomes.

Associate Professor Crossman joined ICMS as Associate Dean: Postgraduate and International in April this year, and brings a wealth of knowledge to the students and faculty at the Northern Beaches, NSW, higher education institution.

Crossman will publish an academic book in July this year, Teaching Human Resource Management: An experiential Approach, published by Edward Elgar and co-edited by Suzanne de Janasz. Experiential learning is loosely defined as developing a student’s ability to apply theory to practical situations in the workplace.

Crossman’s experience in experiential learning ties in perfectly with ICMS’ strategy of preparing students to launch confidently into their chosen career straight after graduation. Each degree has a built-in industry placement component aimed at complementing what a student learns in the classroom, something which Crossman believes is at the heart of ICMS’ success in producing employable and work-ready graduates.

“The emphasis on workplace experience for up to 9 months is a prime example of the commitment that ICMS makes to the value of industry experience,” Crossman said.

“Experiential learning is a powerful tool and ensures that what and how students learn is meaningful and relevant to employer needs. The strong emphasis at ICMS on work integrated learning and experiential activities prepares our graduates well for employment and distinguishes them from other candidates – that is well documented every year in our graduate employment figures.”

Almost 90% of ICMS students graduate with a job in their field, based on an Internal Graduate Survey (2016).

Crossman cautions against a superficial approach to experiential learning.

“In my view, referring to experiential learning as ‘learning by doing’ fails to do justice to experiential learning as a rigorous process that demands deep learning, critical reflection and a high level of student engagement,” Crossman said. This ensures lessons are learnt and internalised for maximum benefit to both students and future employers.

“What sets ICMS students apart is that the college has a sustainable, and demonstrable prioritization of experiential learning in ensuring that our graduates are career ready. They do this by embedding it into the curriculum and investing in a dedicated team to ensure that it happens.”

Crossman is an excellent addition to the ICMS faculty, having been an international manager and educator for 40 years. She has worked in Australia, Norway, the UK, the Middle East and East Malaysia, in both private and public positions. Joanna has authored over 50 peer reviewed works, many published in top ranking, international journals.

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