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From Golf Course to Classroom: Gultekin Akyurek

From Golf Course to Classroom: Gultekin Akyurek

February 15, 2016

Why did you choose to study at ICMS?

The link from the PGA International Golf Institute (IGI) program to a Bachelor degree was critical to my decision. My dream is to be a world-class golf professional (playing and teaching) and I discovered that this program with ICMS is one of the best ways to achieve that dream. The reputation of ICMS, its beautiful location, diversity of subjects and students and links with industry were also important factors in choosing ICMS.

Why did you choose to study golf?

Golf has always been my passion but I wanted to be more than a good golfer. I want to be a good manager within the industry. Golf is changing a lot and I want to be educated about the latest and best practices. The subjects in my course are ideal to achieve this.

How have ICMS lecturers supported you?

I have found them very helpful and approachable. They are conscious that many of their students are learning in a second language. They are not just theoretical in their teaching but also practical, which makes learning easier. They always encourage questions and are willing to answer them both during class and outside of class times.

What do you enjoy about your course?

The Contemporary Health Issues subject was a highlight of my first ICMS trimester, as it provided me with a lot of new and interesting knowledge that I was able to immediately apply to my golfing. The PGA part of my course requires playing constantly and competitively and this subject has helped immediately.

What are your plans after you complete your degree?

After my degree, I will complete my PGA traineeship and become a professional golfer. I hope to play professional circuits and also continue with my golf teaching and golf management career.

What are your favourite ICMS moments so far?

I was very proud to be the first Turkish student at ICMS and was very happy to see the Turkish flag placed with the other flags on the front of the main building. I was also very honoured to be awarded the International Students scholarship in 2015. This follows me being awarded Academic Dux for the PGA IGI Golf Diploma at ICMS in 2014.

Where and when did you complete your industry training?

I started at Cromer Golf Club, went on to Bayview Golf Club and am now at Monash Golf Club. My roles have been quite diverse, including some very basic activities including helping in the club kitchens, cleaning up and working as a waiter. However I also became involved with some more complicated and interesting activities including planning and executing golf tournaments, and assisting retail and playing clients in the clubs’ pro shop. I also spent time on the golf course itself, acting as a marshal for tournaments and assisting with the maintenance teams as they dealt with the course environments. It was a good variation of work, some at a desk, some on my feet and some time on a golf buggy. I worked with all types of professionals, including management, catering staff, marketing teams, maintenance staff, golf professionals themselves and retail teams.

What did you learn in your role?

I had previously worked in the golf industry overseas so it was very interesting to see how Australian management styles approach issues and different business processes in place. It was also great to be exposed to the new equipment used by players and clubs. I was the first golf/sports management student to undertake such industry training at ICMS so I think the clubs and I learnt as we went along how to best use my skills. I made some very valuable contacts in the industry and enjoyed meeting a variety of clients (players) and understanding their diverse requirements.

How can the pga igi diploma of golf management take you to icms?

After successful completion of the PGA IGI Diploma in Golf Management, you can enter the second year of study of an ICMS bachelor degree in sport management, business management or event management. Five subject exemptions are given for ICMS bachelor degrees in all other areas including hospitality and property management.


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