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From ICMS to L’Oreal Australia

From ICMS to L’Oreal Australia

July 25, 2017

From leading the SRC in her final year, ICMS alumni Natasha Bridges now works with a global team in her role as Communications Executive at L’Oreal Australia

Natasha Bridges, Australian

Bachelor of Business Management, 2015

Communications Executive, L’Oreal Australia

Q: What is your current role?

I currently hold the position of Communications Executive at L’Oreal Australia. I have been with L’Oreal for three years now within the communications team. From this I have had the opportunity to work across a number of different brands within the portfolio from Lancôme, Kiehl’s, YSL Beauté and shu uemura.

Q: What career achievements are you especially proud of?

I am proud of working with our global teams from Paris and New York at international press events to pre-launch new products into the market and build hype and excitement for individual markets. Working with these teams has given me international connections throughout the L’Oreal organisation.

Q: How has your ICMS degree contributed to you achieving your professional goals?

The ICMS degree has allowed me to develop a broad range of skills and attributes that have enabled me to comprehensively meet the business’s needs. The communications market is ever changing and evolving with social media at the forefront. Studying this at ICMS has allowed me to be ahead of the game and responsive to these rapid changes. The international focus at ICMS as allowed me to broaden my perspective from having a purely Australian focus, to having a greater appreciation of the global market.

Q: What were the major contributing factors to your decision to study at ICMS?

The major factor for my decision to study at ICMS was they offered the particular course I wanted to study. I was looking for a business degree that allowed me to study all areas of business, giving me a solid foundation. Having subjects specialising in Retail Marketing allowed me to have an extra edge above other job applicants.

Q: What were your highlights during your time at ICMS?

During my last year at ICMS I was elected as President of the Student Representative Council. This leadership position was such an honour to hold and very crucial for student life at ICMS. It was the pivotal anchor between the university and student body, to address the needs of the students with a team to find a resolution.

Q: What would be your advice to someone considering studying at ICMS?

Get involved with everything at the college, from sporting, to co-curricular and academic areas. You never know who you will meet and where that might take you further down your life journey.


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