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Accelerate Your Studies for Maximum Career and Earning Potential

Accelerate Your Studies for Maximum Career and Earning Potential

April 16, 2024

In the journey towards success, moving forward quicker can be the big step that pushes you far ahead of others your age.

We’re not suggesting taking shortcuts – instead, we’re talking about smart moves in your academic journey that can change how successful you are in your career.

If you’re a student wanting to fast-track your future, you’re on the right path.

The Accelerated Track to Success: A Starting Line Perspective

Being a student comes with tough hurdles: school costs a lot, time is precious, and finding good opportunities is really tough.

But if you speed up your studies, you can turn these challenges into strengths.

This idea isn’t new; it’s a proven method that has helped many succeed in their careers.

Are you prepared to gear up for your education and race towards a better future?

Cutting Costs by Cutting Time

Finishing your studies quicker means you spend less on education.

For every term you speed up, you cut down on costs that would add up over time.

It’s not just about saving money.

By graduating sooner, you start working earlier, allowing you to begin building your financial future sooner.

Imagine it like this: each accelerated semester is like investing time, where you gain knowledge, experience, and money faster.

Early Entry to the Working World

Every time you start working in the real world instead of just studying, you get a head start on others your age.

This head start is important, especially in jobs where experience matters a lot.

By finishing your education faster, you’ll have the skills and qualifications that companies want, even at a younger age.

It’s not only about getting ahead initially; it’s also about keeping that lead.

Tapping into Greater Earning Potential

Getting into work quickly brings the immediate benefit of earning money sooner.

Those who finish their studies faster often get higher starting salaries and can move up in their careers sooner.

This can have a big impact on your finances in the long run, putting you on a path towards financial success that others taking a slower educational path might not reach.

Accelerating studies is a wise investment in the long run

The acceleration of your studies is more than an academic decision – it’s an investment.

An investment in time, an investment in effort, and most crucially, an investment in your future.

If this is something you are considering, ICMS Finance Manager Adrian Cendron offers the following advice:

“Taking advantage of the Australian Government’s Higher Education Loan Program (FEE-HELP) and accelerating your bachelor’s degree can be a smart move financially.

“By swiftly transitioning to earning a graduate salary, graduates can start paying off their student loan earlier. Remember that all loans accrue interest over time so the quicker you pay them off the better off you will be in the long run.

“Another point to remember is that there is a significant wage gap between graduates and non-graduates.*

“On the other hand, I have seen students get themselves into financial stress when they opt to discontinue their bachelor’s degree or enrol in a reduced study load to focus on working in low-income, entry-level positions paying the minimum wage.

“It’s important to consider the lifestyle you want long term, and accelerating your studies could be the way you get there faster, and less expensively.”

6 Top Tips: How ICMS student Cameron Colvin graduated at 19 – with work experience

Before most students had started their academic journey, Cameron Colvin, 19, not only earned her ICMS Bachelor of Business (Marketing) degree but has also gained valuable work experience.

You can read in detail how she did it here.

Here are Cameron’s Top 6 Tips to inspire you!

  1. Age is an Advantage: “I’ve always been ambitious. Coming from high school where being young was a disadvantage, I saw it as an advantage to get a head start in higher education and my career. I wanted to maintain the momentum from high school.”
  2. Balance is Key: “When seeking work experience, I was very particular about finding something that would fit seamlessly with my studies and lifestyle. I never compromised my personal life for work or study. I made sure to find a job that aligned with my dreams and lifestyle. During my internship, I managed to balance four subjects.”
  3. Work Hard: “I typically took 4-5 subjects per trimester, even during my work experience. This allowed me to stay on top of my studies. Third-year subjects were particularly challenging, but I worked hard to balance everything.”
  4. Experience Matters: “My work experience boosted my confidence and allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings. On the other hand, my academic studies provided me with foundational skills that I could use in the workplace.”
  5. Be Ambitious: “My drive and ambition have pushed me to accelerate my studies and excel in my career. Additionally, my perseverance has helped me overcome personal challenges.”
  6. Take the Leap: “Academic acceleration was a goal, but I had to actively pursue it. I needed to take the initiative and make the most of every opportunity. ICMS offers numerous opportunities, but it’s up to the students to be brave enough to seize them and succeed. Don’t wait until you’re confident enough; just take the leap.”

To find out how you can accelerate your degree, click here.

*Research by Tom Karmel from the Mackenzie Research Institute (2023) found that people with a master’s degree or higher earned, on average, 71.5 per cent more each week than people who had not finished high school. Those with a Bachelor’s degree earn around 53.1 per cent more. Read the full study here.


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