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Opportunities and Connections: ICMS students aim high at AIME

Opportunities and Connections: ICMS students aim high at AIME

April 2, 2024

ICMS Bachelor of Event Management students Natasha Goldsmith and Nicki Coleman added to their professional resume by being a part of the team behind AIME in February this year at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Asia-Pacific Incentives and Meetings Event (AIME) is the leading event for the meetings, incentives and events industry in the Asia Pacific region.

Interacting closely with over 500 exhibitors, 600 event planners, and around 3,500 visitors, Natasha and Nicki immersed themselves in the whole experience of AIME, participating in knowledge sessions, networking opportunities, and informative Q & A sessions with industry leaders.

Learning by Doing

Through their hands-on involvement, Natasha and Nicki not only gained practical event management skills but also contributed to the seamless execution of AIME.

Engaging in various responsibilities like registration, badge scanning, and shadowing diverse members of the AIME Team, they acquired a comprehensive understanding of the event’s inner workings.

These hands-on experiences not only improved their event planning skills but also created opportunities for their future careers.

Career Growth and Acknowledgement

Nicki Coleman’s previous work experience during her Work Integrated Learning (WIL) subjects, where she worked on festivals with industry partner Motti + Smith, had a big impact on her active involvement at AIME.

The exposure gained at AIME, along with their internship backgrounds, set Nicki and Natasha apart, earning praise from event organisers and laying a strong foundation for their future careers in the events industry.

Their journey with the AIME event started thanks to their lecturer, Janene Wardrop, who recommended them for the opportunity, showing how important mentors can be in guiding career paths.

“Our lecturer Janene Wardrop told us it would be a great experience, and she was right,” Nicki said.

Their decision to volunteer for AIME came from their desire to build connections and expand their network in the events industry.

This experience not only exposed them to the behind-the-scenes of a well-known event such as AIME, but also allowed them to form meaningful relationships that could shape their future careers.

ICMS as The Professional Mentor in Action

The mentorship and guidance from Janene played a crucial role in Nicki and Natasha’s AIME experience, highlighting the importance of supportive mentors in nurturing aspiring professionals in the events industry.

“Janene is an amazing lecturer,” Nicki said.

“She recognises potential and always shares opportunities with us. We’re thankful for the time and effort she invests in us. She introduced us to many people.”

This is wholly in line with ICMS as The Professional Mentor ethos, and why ICMS students are supported in their journey to personal and professional success from their first day of studies through to graduation and beyond.

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