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Getting Into Business

Getting Into Business

August 24, 2020

Getting into business and the environment around it can be a complicated process. However, the combination of relevant industry experience and investing in solid business relationships while still a student catapulted International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) alumnus Andrew MacGregor into his current career-defining role at ANZ Bank.

Andrew, an ANZ Bank Professional Scholarship winner, graduated with an ICMS Bachelor of Business Management degree in 2017.  He completed his ICMS industry training with ANZ in 2015, spending three months in ANZ’s corporate banking division.

“This really helped lay the foundations for me to come back on a permanent basis and join the ANZ Institutional Graduate Program,” Andrew explained. This was after a stint in Europe where he worked and travelled – partly during an ICMS Study Abroad semester in Germany – and including studying at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Returning to ANZ was partly thanks to the connections he had made at the bank while still an ICMS student. The ANZ Institutional Graduate Program represented a prestigious, career-making opportunity, an 18 month program that allowed him to transfer around and rotate through different teams every three to six months.

“During the graduate program, I went through corporate advisory teams, leveraged and acquisition finance, institutional property lending and debt capital markets. It was a really good opportunity to go around, see big construction sites and really understand what a big bank like ANZ has to offer,” he said.

Following the graduate program, Andrew was employed full-time in his current role as an analyst in the corporate advisory team at ANZ. In this role, he is part of a team that advises large institutions and corporate clients on mergers and acquisitions, as well as capital raining and general strategic advice.

And he reckons a critical building block towards his ongoing career success was in the foundation laid at ICMS, a higher education institution located in Northern Beaches, Sydney, and in the city of Sydney, NSW.

“Partnering real on-the-job experience with genuine relationships is what few graduates actually do successfully… Fortunately, ICMS offers nine months of industry training as part of their business degrees…. My most valuable connection early on was actually my manager at ANZ during my industry training, who really helped me early on. ICMS makes getting into business a real ease.” Andrew said.

“I know for a fact that had I not completed my industry training at ANZ during my degree, I would have had a hard time landing on the ANZ Institutional Graduate Program. Considering in 2019 when I joined the program there were about 4200 applicants, it’s safe to say that my ICMS industry training really helped separate me and those connections really helped me land that spot.”

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