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‘We’re proud of you’ says Manly MP James Griffin to ICMS Graduates

‘We’re proud of you’ says Manly MP James Griffin to ICMS Graduates

April 16, 2021

A message of support and congratulations was delivered to recent graduates by Manly MP James Griffin – with a special shout-out given to those graduating offshore.

To celebrate and recognise students who have successfully completed their degrees in extraordinary circumstances amid a global pandemic – the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS), Aspire Institute and International Sport College Australia (ISCA) held three multimodal (virtual and on-campus) graduation ceremonies on Friday, 16 April.

To make allowances for Covid-19 restrictions and to ensure the safety of graduands, guests and staff, three ceremonies were held at ICMS’ main campus in Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW.  Due to COVID restrictions on capacity in the Chapel, parents and family watched live ceremonies in the Great Hall before joining their graduand for a celebratory reception.

This is all very different to previous years where the ICMS Great Hall is packed with graduands and proud parents, academic faculty in full regalia and invited guests from ICMS’ valued industry partners.

However, a thread woven throughout the ceremonies – watched from around the world via livestream – was that ICMS is proud of the graduands, acknowledging the challenges that have come with completing studies in a pandemic, and that off-shore students are missed but will always be a part of the ICMS community.

This was underlined by a message of support and congratulations delivered by Manly MP James Griffin.

I want to acknowledge the fact that your graduation today is particularly impressive considering the challenges many of you faced during the final year of your studies. Someday you’ll look back and think, ‘Wow, I managed to complete my studies at the strangest time ever…’ and you will be as proud of yourself as we are of you today,” Griffin said.

Everyone who is graduating today transitioned successfully to online studies when it was needed – and many of you had to return to your home countries. To those graduating off-shore today, hopefully you are celebrating today at home with your families and friends. Of course, we wish you could have been here in person,” Griffin said.

185 Undergraduates were awarded (113 on campus, 58 online, 14 in absentia) and 108 (68 on campus, 14 online, 26 in absentia) Postgraduates were awarded, with 293 graduating in total.

To all graduands, remember that you will always be a part of our Manly community. The memories of your time at ICMS, the connections you’ve made and the education you have received are something that I know you will value for the rest of your life.”

To watch the livestream recording of the three ceremonies, click here:

Postgraduate Ceremony

Business Programs Ceremony

Specialisation Programs Ceremony