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Minister Praises ICMS’ 90% Graduate Job Rate*

Minister Praises ICMS’ 90% Graduate Job Rate*

August 29, 2019

New South Wales (NSW) Minister for Skills and Tertiary Education Hon. Dr Geoffrey Lee praised the International College of Management, Sydney or ICMS’ 90% graduate job rate, (which is outstanding in that it is higher than the G8) – at the opening of the career-focused higher education provider’s City Campus on Thursday, 15 August.

The opening of ICMS’s City Campus, located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, was attended by around 150 people, including the ICMS chairman and founder, Darryl Courtney-O’Conner, members of the ICMS Board, and representatives of ICMS’ industry partners.

“I’m very impressed with the rates of ICMS students who have jobs before they leave,” Lee said, adding that this showed that ICMS demonstrated great engagement with students and that the college understood the bond that “universities and higher education providers need to have to actually graduate students who are work ready, who understand what industry want and who can work from day one, hitting the ground running”.

“I think that ICMS’ 90% graduate job rate is testament to the ease of work and understanding that that’s what industry wants and that’s what students want… To be able to demonstrate those skills is so important to employers and it provides your college with a competitive advantage in a really competitive marketplace.”

ICMS boasts an overall graduate employment rate higher than the G8 Australian Universities, according to the 2018 Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) Graduate Survey, and 90% of ICMS students graduate with a job in their field, according to the latest Internal Graduate Survey (2018).

In his address to prior to the official ribbon cutting that opened the ICMS City Campus, Courtney-O’Connor commented on how ICMS was opened 23 years ago with just 50 students, compared to the 2000 students currently studying at the institution at both under-graduate and post-graduate levels.

ICMS offers degree and diploma courses at the main campus in Manly, located in Northern Beaches, NSW, and at the new, state-of-the-art ICMS City Campus in the heart of Sydney, Australia’s financial centre.

“What sets us apart is that we have a clear vision and that is of being career-focused. We have a clear purpose, and that is for our students to be successful in their professional lives. This is borne out by our 90% graduate employability success rate, which is double the public universities’ success rate, including the G8, and that stands head and shoulders above the rest of the world,” Courtney-O’Connor said.

“From our point of view, we want to see this campus grow. It’s not just about the four walls of the building; we actually want to make an impact and make a difference to the students who come here.”

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