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ICMS Academic Dr Trevor Clark to present at Prestigious Research Conference

ICMS Academic Dr Trevor Clark to present at Prestigious Research Conference

May 9, 2022

Dr Trevor Clark, PhD, of the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) will be presenting at the upcoming Exercise Sport Science Australia (ESSA) 2022 Research to Practice Conference.

Across all areas of sport and exercise science, Research to Practice reflects the importance of practice that is underpinned by sound scientific evidence, and the need to promote the effective translation of research into day-to-day practice.

The fully virtual conference runs from 19-20 May.

Being able to present at these types of events provides an opportunity for ICMS academics to actively participate in scholarship.

“Conferences like these enables academic staff to utilise their experience in a meaningful way and as such expand their own thinking whilst creating pathways for student discoveries. In teaching we provide the fundamental basis of education, and at the same time we help develop inquisitive minds who seek their own discoveries (answers and further questions),” Dr Clark said.

“Conferences enable sharing of knowledge collaboratively and practically either through questioning and or participation. The ultimate goal is to further the knowledge in the field of study.”

Dr Clark’s presentation is Unspoken Divide: Understanding Diversity of Experience in Sports Science. “Sport is an integral part of the Australian way of life. Figures released in a recent report focusing on volunteering in sport (October 2021*) indicate around 12 million adults aged 15+ in Australia participate in some kind of sport-related activity every year,” Dr Clark said.

“The Australian Sports Commission suggests the reality is culturally, linguistically and gender diverse communities are looking for sporting options that celebrate diversity, promote inclusion and most importantly, make people feel like they belong. This is not just about not excluding people –it is about actively ‘including’ them.”

For more info on the ESSA 2022 Research to Practice Conference, click here