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ICMS acknowledges importance of International Women’s Day #EmbraceEquity

ICMS acknowledges importance of International Women’s Day #EmbraceEquity

March 17, 2023

International Women’s Day (IWD) 2023 was an opportunity for the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) community to acknowledge past injustice and look ahead to greater inclusion and empowerment of women.

As part of the occasion, marked globally on 8 March, ICMS staff wore pink and purple to show their support for the official theme: #EmbraceEquity. The colours represent the celebration of women’s achievements, as well an encouragement for people around the world to take action for gender equity.

At a staff gathering at the higher education institution’s Northern Beaches campus, ICMS Professional Scholarships Program chair Ann Whitelock emphasised the importance of International Women’s Day in recognising historical injustices.

“I look forward to a day when we don’t celebrate this day,” Whitelock said.

“Why do we need this day? Because women do still face some inequalities. It is in the history and that does deserve a bit of our attention still, to ask questions and to understand why it is, and to understand the context of why it still is. For centuries, thousands of years, the mention of the feminine was silenced, oppressed and internalised.”

IWD and #EmbraceEquity acknowledges this and is part of the ongoing effort to bring back balance to the world.

“With the inception of the early women’s movement and the women’s vote, we see the balance beginning to return. Today celebrates those achievements culturally, politically and in equality as we continue to build awareness and understanding…. that is how we will influence change.”

She also urged all in attendance to work together towards future balance between genders for the overall good of our communities and nation.

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a global celebration. It honours women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. It is observed annually on 8 March around the world and has been recognised since the early 1900s. Each year, a specific theme is chosen for the day, and events and activities are held worldwide to celebrate the achievements of women and to raise awareness of the ongoing challenges they face.