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ICMS ALC Gets a New Name: Student Success Centre (SSC)

ICMS ALC Gets a New Name: Student Success Centre (SSC)

February 13, 2018

In a move to reflect the resounding success rate the Academic Learning Centre (ALC) has experienced with students improving their GPAs and overall academic records, the ALC will now be called the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) Student Success Centre (SSC).

“We decided to change the name due to the centre’s recent success and because students prefer to attend a centre that proposes the word ‘success’ rather than ‘learning’,” ICMS SSC head Val McMorran explained.

Taking full advantage of all the SSC has to offer pays off for students looking to improve their GPA. On average, around 60% of those students who seek support through the SSC to improve their GPA scores succeed in doing so.

“Our key role is support and striving to make our students succeed in their individual academic progression, rather than purely a ‘learning’ role,” McMorran said.

The SSC, which is located in Kelly House at the Northern Beaches campus, is just one area of academic support offered to all students who attend ICMS. At the SSC, which is open daily during term time, academic learning advisers help students develop academic skills that enable each student achieve their best academic results possible.

Examples of the practical support offered include learning effective study techniques, note-taking skills and exam preparation techniques. The SSC also aims to prepare students for the cultural change to tertiary student life.

The SSC also runs a Peer Assisted Learning Service (PALS) where high performing students assist others in specific areas of their studies.

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