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ICMS Alumni Career Tips and Trade Secrets @ Open Day 2022

ICMS Alumni Career Tips and Trade Secrets @ Open Day 2022

July 15, 2022

What’s it like working at globally recognised Google and luxury brand Ralph Lauren? How about managing the famously quirky Budgy Smuggler or the historic Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park?

Find out from International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) alumni guest speakers at the ICMS Open Day 2022.

ICMS Open Day: Where, when and what time

The ICMS Open Day 2022 will take place on 7 August between 10am and 2pm at the ICMS Northern Beaches Campus located in Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW.

All the action showcasing what ICMS offers takes place in and around the grounds of the famous ‘castle on the hill’ overlooking Manly Beach.

ICMS Alumni Guest Speakers Share their Secrets to Success  

  • Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park General Manager Nauman Hasan – A Hotel General Manager’s Hospitality Career Tips
  • Budgy Smuggler General Manager Brenden Hartmann – From Manly to a Global Multinational Success
  • Google Cloud Partnership Development Manager Rika Schoening – Secrets in the World of Tech
  • Ralph Lauren Retail Buying & Merchandise Manager Penelope Bell – Tips for the Fashion Industry

The guest speakers represent ICMS alumni around the world who have graduated from the ‘castle on the hill’ fully prepared – and empowered to forge their careers in the industry of their choosing.

“ICMS equipped me with industry knowledge and work experience which gave me a great foundation to build my hotel career,” Sheraton GM Nauman Hasan said.

“I met people from various cultures and backgrounds and learned about diversity and inclusion. It was the start of a great journey which I am very proud of and thoroughly enjoyed.”

Budgy Smuggler General Manager Brenden Hartmann has taken on ICMS students as interns in the Northern Beaches-based company. This is part of his way of giving back to his alma mater.

“My ICMS degree gave me a sound understanding of the basic principles upon which businesses operate. From straight forward, black-and-white scenarios – like accounting – to more complex areas, like managing conflict and forging strategic relationships, everything I learned has come in handy,” he has said previously.

Full Program on offer at ICMS Open Day 2022

The ICMS Alumni Guest Speakers are part of a jam-packed program aimed at showcasing what the award-winning higher education institution has to offer prospective students.

ICMS lecturers will present on the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees offered at ICMS. These range from the ICMS Bachelor of Business through to degrees in International Tourism, Property, Accounting, Fashion and Global Branding, Event Management, Hospitality Management, Sports Management, Entrepreneurship and Marketing and more.

Current ICMS students will share insights into the Student Experience at ICMS.  They’ll share advice on academic and wellness support services offered and how ICMS staff mentor students on their journey to career success.

Opportunities available in the ICMS Professional Scholarships Program will also be explored.

The famous ICMS Work Integrated Learning Program (WIL) which places students in industry training roles, otherwise known as internships, as part of every degree offered will also be explained.

Learn about ICMS Student Life 

It’s not all academia and ambition at ICMS. Open Day showcases the vibrant student life outside the formal curriculum, made up of Student Clubs, social occasions both impromptu and organised, and sports and cultural teams and facilities on offer.

“Lifelong friends, wonderful memories and an amazing opportunity to network and work in my industry from the beginning,” is what alumni Penelope Bell, currently working at Ralph Lauren, remembers most clearly about her time as an ICMS student.

Speak to Admissions

The ICMS Admissions team will be on hand to answer any questions on how to apply and the various options available to secure a place at ICMS.

Book your spot at ICMS Open Day

Register here for the ICMS Open Day and find out how ICMS as The Professional Mentor can support you on your journey to career success.

Save your spot now! Space is limited, so be quick. The full schedule of events and a program will be sent out ahead of time.